Talmud Class With Dr. Kessler

Join us every Wednesday evening for a Talmud class led by Dr. Samuel Kessler as he leads us on a journey through the spiritual mind and rabbinic process which gave us the Jewish lives we have today. No prior Talmudic learning is necessary. Bring an open mind and a genuine interest in how our spiritual […]

High Holiday Workshop: It’s Almost Time for… Rosh Hashanah

Rabbi Neil Sandler will be offering two pre-Rosh Hashanah workshops on the theme, God ‘Testing” Abraham… and Us: Really? Every year, on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, we read the Akedah story, the near-sacrifice of Isaac. At the beginning of the story, the Torah informs us that God “tested” Abraham. In what sense, if […]

Biblical Hebrew Class

Join us every Wednesday for Biblical Hebrew Class, led by Hebrew instructor, Jim Dricker. In this class, we will cover all aspects of grammar and a well-rounded basic vocabulary. Students set the pace of the program, and we will proceed as fast or as slow as the majority of the class requests. We might take […]