Learning for Adults

The Rabbi Arnold and Rae Goodman Learning Institute

The Goodman Institute (est. 2002) makes it possible for every member of the Ahavath Achim community to travel his/her own path to Jewish learning. We offer a wide variety of programs (mostly free of charge) designed to serve the needs of beginning learners, advanced learners and everyone in between. Our scope includes the fundamental texts of Conservative Judaism, Jewish history, Zionism and Israel, religious beliefs, practices and rituals, Jewish philosophy, Hebrew language and all aspects of Jewish culture, including literature, music, art and drama.

We believe adult learning fosters a lifelong commitment to personal spiritual growth, expanding Jewish intellectual society, and passing Jewish literacy and learning from generation to generation. Ahavath Achim offers adult education opportunities throughout the year with regularly scheduled classes, special programming, guest speakers, and special events.

Every Tuesday | 10–11 a.m. | Via Zoom

Join mAAc members, fellow congregants, and one of the AA rabbis every Tuesday for this exciting discussion group. Rabbis Laurence Rosenthal and Sam Blustin will alternate weeks leading a one-hour online learning course by the Shalom Hartman Institute. The course, iEngage: Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, studies the Jewish narratives about Israel and the unpacking of the complex meanings of peace in Jewish tradition. We will explore the ideas and values that animate different attitudes toward the conflict and how these values shape their own political understandings. Though a common political platform may not be attainable, this course strives to achieve a shared respect for our differences.

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Every Tuesday | 7:30–8:30 p.m. | Via Zoom

Join us every Tuesday for Beginner's Hebrew Class, led by Hebrew instructor, Jim Dricker. This course will start with the basics–learning the Aleph-Bet, vowels, and sounding out words. Come with a willing spirit and eagerness to learn.

This course is free, but registration is required by Friday, March 18, 2022. To register, please contact Jim Dricker: ([email protected]; 603.433.2622).

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Every Second Wednesday of the Month | 2:30–3:30 p.m. | The Piedmont at Buckhead – 650 Phipps Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

Learning and discussion with the Rabbis.

Every Third Wednesday of the Month | 12–1 p.m. | Offices of Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk, and Perling – 1801 Peachtree Street NW #300, Atlanta, GA 30309

Join the rabbis for lunch and learning. To RSVP or pre-order lunch, contact Jill Rosner ([email protected]; 404.603.5741).

Every Wednesday | 5–6 p.m. | Via Zoom

Join Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal for a deep dive into the minds of our rabbis and the Rabbinic tradition. Explore the central text (the Talmud) of our Jewish life and learn the basic structure of this amazing and impactful spiritual book. This year, we will be exploring the Talmud Tractate Megillah, Chapter 3. No previous experience with Talmud is necessary. Questions? Contact Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal ([email protected]; 404.603.5744).

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Every Wednesday | 7:30–8:30 p.m. | Via Zoom

Join us every Wednesday for Biblical Hebrew Class, led by Hebrew instructor, Jim Dricker. In this class, we will cover all aspects of grammar and a well-rounded basic vocabulary. Students set the pace of the program, and we will proceed as fast or as slow as the majority of the class requests. We might take two years to complete… maybe more… perhaps less! The only prerequisite is the ability to sound out Hebrew words.

Required textbook: The First Hebrew Primer: The Adult Beginner's Path to Biblical Hebrew, Third Edition by Simon, Resnikoff, and Motzkin (available on Amazon and other book sellers)

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Every Saturday | 10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. | Via Zoom

AA is committed to providing a community of adult Jewish learning. We believe adult learning fosters a lifelong commitment to personal spiritual growth, expanding Jewish intellectual society, passing Jewish literacy, and learning from generation to generation. Torah Study sessions are facilitated by congregants who lead lively discussions. Questions? Contact Andy Zangwill ([email protected]).

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8.6.22DevarimDavid Joffe
8.13.22VaetchananAndy Zangwill
8.20.22EikevSteve Chervin
8.27.22Re'ehArthur Povlot
9.3.22Shof'timMarty Cohen
9.10.22Ki TetzeBarbara Feinberg
9.17.22Ki TavoPaul Feldman
9.24.22NitzavimDoug Ander
9.26.22Rosh Hashanah Day 1Andy Zangwill
9.27.22Rosh Hashanah Day 2Paul Feldman
10.1.22Vayelech – ShuvahSteve Nagler
10.5.22Yom Kippur MorningJudy Marx
10.5.22Yom Kippur Afternoon Beit MidrashDennis Gilbride
10.8.22Ha'azinuJudy Marx
10.15.22Chol HaMoed SukkotRabbi Blustin
10.22.22BeresheetSteve Grossman
10.29.22NoahRabbi Chaim Listfield
11.5.22Lech L'chaLinda Lippitt
11.12.22VayeraMichael Miller
11.19.22Chayei SarahRabbi Rosenthal
11.26.22ToledotJoe Citron
12.3.22VayetzeiPaul Feldman
12.10.22VayishlachSteve Grossman
12.17.22VayeshevBrooke Rosenthal
12.24.22MikketzBarbara Feinberg
12.31.22VayigashJudy Marx
1.7.23VayechiMichael Miller
1.14.23ShemotRabbi Rosenthal
1.21.23VaeraMarty Cohen
1.28.23BoLinda Lippitt
2.4.23BeshalachBrooke Rosenthal
2.11.23YitroAllison Goldman
2.18.23MishpatimRabbi Blustin
2.25.23TerumahAndy Zangwill
3.4.23TetzavehSteve Grossman
3.11.23Ki TissaMichael Miller
3.18.23Vayakhel- PekudeiDoug Ander
3.25.23VayikraPaul Feldman
4.1.23TzavAllison Goldman
4.8.23Chol HaMoed PesachJudy Marx
4.15.23SheminiRabbi Rosenthal
4.22.23Tazria- MetzoraRabbi Blustin
4.29.23Achrei Mot- KedoshimLois Frank
5.6.23Emor Judy Marx
5.13.23BehukkotaiAndy Zangwill
5.20.23BemidbarJudy Marx
5.27.23Shavuot Day 2Michael Miller
6.3.23NasoLinda Lippitt
6.10.23Beha'alotchaBarbara Feinberg
6.17.23Sh'lachSandro Gisler
6.24.23KorachPaul Feldman
7.22.23DevarimDoug Ander
7.29.23VaetchananMarty Cohen