Legacy and Endowment

Embracing Our Roots… Securing Our Future

Several years ago, Ahavath Achim made the decision to participate in an innovative program called Create a Jewish Legacy. The program was a partnership, originally conceived by The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, designed to encourage local synagogues and Jewish organizations to strengthen their financial standing with bequests and other testamentary giving opportunities. We want to continue the amazing work done before and work towards ensuring AA's future for generations to come.

Leaving a bequest is a powerful way to express your faith and values far into the future. With no loss of current income, many of our congregants choose to illustrate their deep commitment to Ahavath Achim through their wills or other testamentary gifts. These gifts may include naming AA as a beneficiary to an existing life insurance policy or retirement account or establishing a gift annuity or charitable trust for the synagogue's benefit. There are a variety of ways for you to leave your Jewish legacy and sustain Ahavath Achim for future generations.

In the years since Ahavath Achim joined the program, over thirty of our congregants, including current Officers and Past Presidents, have committed to leave a legacy, naming AA as a beneficiary in their estate plans. Many other congregants have independently acted upon their own convictions and made provisions to include AA in their estate planning.

We are the children of those immigrants for whom living Jewishly, in accordance with the laws of the Torah and Talmud, was fundamental. They financed the first Ahavath Achim synagogue with whatever funds they could spare to make sure their families would have a gathering place for daily services, holiday celebrations, and social connections. They committed their resources so that their children would grow up Jewish and literally keep the faith alive and relevant, safe from scorn, upright with pride.

With gratitude to our founders in 1886 and the dedicated and generous families that have sustained our congregation for 138 years, we step up to the challenge of building the financial bedrock that will secure our future. We are eager to share the vision of Ahavath Achim's Legacy and Endowment program with you and shed some light on how you can make your distinctive impact today and many tomorrows to come.

Thank you to our AA Legacy Society Members:

Vicki and Gerry Benjamin
Tova and Mark Cohen
Margo and Larry Gold
Charlotte and Harry Gordon z"l
Steven Grossman
Heidi and Barry Herman
Marilyn Ginsberg Eckstein
Celia S. and Col. Donald M. z"l Gilner
Shirley z"l and Ivan Millender
Rosalie and Carl Rosenthal
Debra and Philip Siegel
Arnold Whiteman z"l