The Koplin-Borochoff Library

The Koplin-Borochoff Library contains approximately 4,500 books and DVDs professionally catalogued in a computerized system. Important Jewish materials are carefully selected to reflect the many interests of the AA community. Our extensive reference collection includes the Shottenstein edition of the Talmud, the ArtScroll Yad Avraham Mishnah, many editions of the Tanach with commentaries, research on the Holocaust and much more – all available to our congregants and staff.

The open stacks shelve a collection which has been designed similarly to a public library, but which is focused on Jewish interests. The collection includes biographies, fiction and mysteries, hundreds of books for children and young adults, books on child rearing, food and cooking, world history and travel, art and music, storytelling, Hasidism, philosophy, ceremonies and practices, and much more – all selected with the Conservative Jewish reader in mind.