Since being taken hostage by Hamas


We demand the safe return of all citizens who have been taken hostage by the terrorist group Hamas. We will not rest until every hostage is released and returns home safely.

You can help bring them back home.

Israel Resource Page

Ways You Can Help

Be in the Community:

  • Attend daily prayer services: As a synagogue community, prayer is one of the ways in which we connect with God and one another. Join us virtually or in person for daily morning and evening minyan services (view our website calendar for times and Zoom links).
  • Gather for Shabbat services: Every Friday evening and Saturday morning (view our website calendar for times and Zoom links).
  • Meet with the Rabbi: To schedule an appointment, please contact Jill Rosner (; 404.603.5741).

Be Charitable:
Find a charity that offers support in a meaningful way to you and your family, and be generous. The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta has started a campaign to support infrastructure rebuilding.

Reach Out to Local, State, and Federal Representatives:
Start emailing and writing to your elected officials, letting them know that we need them to stand with Israel and to be a courageous voice for us in the Halls of Government. Find your elected officials using this robust website.

Keep Up with What is Going On:
Stay informed by reading your preferred news, periodicals, or websites to keep up with what is happening and share this news with others.  

Be in Touch with Your Israeli Friends and Family:
Our families and friends in Israel feel so alone. Make sure they hear from us. Send a text or an email. Ensure they know we stand with them and are working in the United States to send support.

How to Talk to Children

What to Say to Young Children:
Tell the truth, but keep it brief. You might say something like, "On Saturday, fighting started in Israel. There are a lot of people in Israel and in America who are working hard to end the fighting and keep everyone safe." Answer kids' questions honestly, but they don't need to know many details. Keep them away from news, social media, and podcasts that might scare them as much as possible. Assure them that they are safe.

What to Say to Elementary and Middle School Children:
Whether we tell them or not, our kids have likely picked up that something is going on. Ask your child what they know, and answer their specific questions with basic facts. Try to speak with nuance. Speak honestly about what is happening with your friends and family in Israel. Try to keep kids away from the news and social media. Encourage kids to come to you or other trusted adults with questions or for information.

Mental Health Support

If you or a loved one needs emotional support, JF&CS is available to help. Call 770.677.9399, text 678.460.9018, or email



For Children: