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A Message From Rabbi Sandler

A Message From Rabbi Sandler A rainbow… few natural phenomena are more beautiful than a rainbow. However, for the Torah-attuned among us, rainbows evoke an association to the unparalleled and

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Navigating the Next Chapter

Navigating the Next Chapter The dynamism between a spiritual life and sacred scripture involves finding parallel narratives. The stories, concepts, and ideas expressed in scripture are linked by the reader

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, May 28
7:15 am: Morning Minyan (Zoom Link)
8:30 am: Rabbi Sandler’s Talmud Class (Zoom Link)
6:00 pm: Evening Minyan (Zoom Link)
6:00 pm: Community-Wide Tikkun Leil Shavuot
8:23 pm: Candle Lighting
Friday, May 29
9:30 am: Shavuot Day 1 Service (Zoom Link)
4:30 pm: Groove Shabbat (Zoom Link)
6:30 pm: Shabbat and Shavuot Evening Service (Zoom Link)
8:24 pm: Candle Lighting
Saturday, May 30
9:30 am: Shavuot Day 2 and Yizkor Service (Zoom Link)
10:30 am: Torah Study (Zoom Link)
8:15 pm: Mincha/Ma’ariv/Havdallah (Zoom Link)
9:07 pm: Conclusion of Shabbat and Shavuot
Sunday, May 31
9:00 am: Morning Minyan (Zoom Link)
6:00 pm: Evening Minyan (Zoom Link)
Monday, June 1
7:15 am: Morning Minyan (Zoom Link)
10:15 am: Naomi’s Book Club (Zoom Link)
4:00 pm: Machar Hangout (Zoom Link)
6:00 pm: Evening Minyan (Zoom Link)
Tuesday, June 2
7:15 am: Morning Minyan (Zoom Link)
10:00 am: Tuesdays@AA (Zoom Link)
4:00 pm: Home With the Kids Sipping Club (Zoom Link)
6:00 pm: Evening Minyan (Zoom Link)
Wednesday, June 3
7:15 am: Morning Minyan (Zoom Link)
4:00 pm: Elementary School Kids Crafting (Zoom Link)
5:00 pm: Rabbi Rosenthal’s Talmud Class (Zoom Link)
6:00 pm: Evening Minyan (Zoom Link)
7:00 pm: Biblical Hebrew for Beginners (Zoom Link)

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