Virtual Schedule for the Week of 3/16

As a reminder, the synagogue will be closed this week through Sunday in an effort to limit activities that might compromise our health or safety. Below is a schedule of the services and programs for the upcoming week, all of which are to be conducted virtually. Prayer services can be live streamed here. All other programs listed will be conducted via Zoom video conference.

To join a Zoom conference, follow the links below. Clicking the links will prompt an automatic download of Zoom onto your computer. (Please do not worry, Zoom is a safe program to download). Once the program is downloaded, run the program and provide your name when prompted. You will have the option to join with video (allowing everyone to see you on their screens) or without video (voice-only).

If you have never used Zoom, we suggest you begin the instructions above at least 5-10 minutes before the start of the meeting in case of technical difficulties. If you run into an issue, please contact Jill Rosner (404.603.5741) who can assist you.

The Virtual Open Houses are oriented toward keeping us connected, spiritually-sound, and informed during this difficult time. Each rabbi will offer an appropriate teaching and provide people with the opportunity to share with the group. Finally, we may use some of the time to make or reiterate some announcements, answer questions, etc.. (Sessions will be no longer than an hour).

We look forward to seeing you (virtually)!


Upcoming Week

Tuesday, March 17
7:15 am: Morning Minyan
10 am: Tuesdays@AA (Zoom Link)
2 pm: Rabbi Rosenthal’s Virtual Open House (Zoom Link)
6 pm: Evening Minyan
7 pm: Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, March 18
7:15 am: Morning Minyan
5 pm: Rabbi Rosenthal’s Talmud Class (Zoom Link)
6 pm: Evening Minyan

Thursday, March 19
7:15 am: Morning Minyan
8:30 am: Rabbi Sandler’s Talmud Class (Zoom Link)
10 am: Rabbi Sandler’s Virtual Open House (Zoom Link)
6 pm: Evening Minyan

Friday, March 20
7:15 am: Morning Minyan
6:30 pm: Shabbat Evening Service
7:32 pm: Candle Lighting

Saturday, March 21
9:30 am: Shabbat Morning Service
7:30 pm: Mincha/Ma’ariv/Havdallah
8:15 pm: Conclusion of Shabbat
8:30 pm: Havdallah/Melava Malka (Zoom Link)

Sunday, March 22
9 am: Morning Minyan
6 pm: Evening Minyan