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Campaign Case for Support

A Time for Change

Change, it is said, is constant. So, too, it is with synagogue life.

Over the past six decades, our people, our practices and our sense of place have changed. And now, so must AA.

Today, a multi-generational congregation is driving AA’s change. Alongside the still fervent leaders of yesterday are a multitude of young families determined to share its future. They and their children embody the energy and innovation that is now taking hold of AA. The openness and vitality that infuse the Ahava Early Learning Center, located in the Orkin Education Building, and inspire its young inhabitants are the same qualities they seek throughout the rest of the building.

The Campaign for AA will raise the funding needed to shape AA’s future by responding to both the physical needs of the synagogue complex and the spiritual needs of its congregation. AA’s leadership has developed a plan to address the needed upgrades and time-inflicted damage the Synagogue has suffered; it also addresses the equally compelling need to restore the Synagogue in a way that recognizes and responds to contemporary synagogue life – especially the congregation’s desire for intimacy with God and with the community. This is the time to help transform AA’s space – and transform its future. Please scroll down to learn more about the specific capital improvements that are planned.

You can also read the campaign case for support (left) and learn more about our plans to transform AA’s future.

For more information about the capital campaign, please contact the Development Office at 404.603.5755.


The Rabbi Harry H. & Reva Epstein Sanctuary

The plan to restore and renew AA is a comprehensive approach that acknowledges that both Jewish life and synagogue life have changed. A key element of the plan is the partial redesign of The Epstein Sanctuary to render it a warmer, more open and spiritually accessible environment.  Flexible seating will provide an intimate setting for Shabbat morning worship, celebrations of lifecycle milestones, and the hosting of community events. A new tiered bimah will bring the clergy closer to our congregants, infusing new life and vitality into services. The impressive balcony, beautiful ark doors, and breathtaking stained glass will remain as the iconic elements they are.

The Cohen Pavilion

Enhancements to the Synagogue will be complemented with corresponding improvements to The Cohen Pavilion. A partial redesign and renovation of this prominent welcoming area will emphasize its role as the primary entrance into the Synagogue, indicating a clear entry point for all visitors. Upgrades will also enhance The Cohen Pavilion’s appeal as a sophisticated and welcoming pre-event space, one that includes a beautiful outdoor space immediately adjacent to it.

Ahava Early Learning Center

The future of the AA Synagogue is found in the next generation – our children and grandchildren. Opened in 2016, the Ahava Early Learning Center is a state of-the-art Jewish preschool, located in the Orkin Education Building, that welcomes children between the ages of 12 weeks and six years. This premier Jewish preschool is a vibrant, nurturing community where children laugh and learn each day. The inquiry-based, integrated curriculum encourages children to ask questions and make connections as they learn about their world. The keystone of the program is love (ahava) – a love of children, a love of Judaism and a love of learning.

The Alan Srochi Kitchen

The Alan Srochi Kitchen will be renovated into a state-of-the-art kosher commercial culinary facility. This modernized kitchen will be equipped to handle a range of catering needs, including the more complex catering needs of special events.  Its expanded capabilities will burnish AA’s reputation as Atlanta’s go-to venue for the important lifecycle celebrations and cultural events that are so vital to us as Jews.

Building Infrastructure

Basic but vital renovations to the AA complex will include the replacement of outdated and deteriorating mechanical, plumbing, and electrical equipment with safer and more cost-efficient new systems. Updated acoustical, lighting, and security systems will enhance virtually every service and event, and optimize the systems’ performance.

Restrooms & Administrative Area

New restroom facilities will be added to the main foyer space to provide easier access from The Epstein Sanctuary and The Cohen Pavilion. The remaining administrative area – including the offices, reception area and staff collaboration room – will be completely renovated.

Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunity



Pre-School Name $2,000,000 
Main Kitchen (Meat) $1,250,000Reserved
Grand Foyer $1,000,000 
Complete Lobby* $750,000 
Ahava Outdoor Classroom $500,000Reserved
Gold Doors $500,000 
Kotel/Bimah Wall $500,000 
Ark $500,000Reserved
Sanctuary Ceiling Millwork $500,000 
Founders Hallway $500,000 
Ahava Community Room/Piazza $250,000Reserved
Upper Bimah $250,000 
Preservation of the Dome $250,000 
Gold Door Entry Foyer $250,000 
Menorah $250,000 
Campaign Donor Wall $250,000Reserved
Peachtree Battle Lawn $250,000 
Sanctuary Entrance $250,000Reserved
Upper Synagogue Drive $250,000 
Lower Parking Lot  $250,000 
Lobby A* $250,000 
Lobby B* $250,000 
Lobby C* $250,000 
Ahava Art Studio/Atelier $150,000Reserved
Ner Tamid $150,000 
Rabbi’s Chambers $150,000 
Left Access Ramp $125,000 
Ahava Classrooms (6) $100,000Reserved (5)
Ahava Reception Area $100,000Reserved
Ahava Staff Lounge $100,000Reserved
Lower Bimah $100,000Reserved
Left Balcony $100,000 
Center Balcony $100,000 
Right Balcony $100,000 
Sanctuary Partitions (2) $100,000 
Second Rabbi’s Office $100,000Reserved
Executive Director’s Office $50,000 
Ahava Assistant Director’s Office $50,000Reserved
Ahava Director’s Office  $50,000Reserved
Ahava Greenhouse $50,000Reserved
Ahava Amphitheatre $50,000 
Ahava Art Hut $50,000 
Ahava Music Hut $50,000 
Hearing Loop $50,000Reserved
Sound System $50,000 
Lower Pulpit Table  $50,000Reserved
Rabbi’s Pulpit $50,000Reserved
Reader’s Table  $ 50,000Reserved
Sanctuary Bookshelves (2) $50,000 
Yahrzeit Boards (3) $50,000Reserved (3)
Pianos (2) $50,000 
New Women’s Lounge  $50,000 
New Men’s Lounge $50,000 
Rabbis’ Wall $50,000 
Past Presidents’ Wall $50,000Reserved
Founders’ Plaques $50,000 
Benches Outside the Sanctuary (2) $36,000Reserved (2)
Tallit Rack $36,000 
Torah Holders (2) $36,000 
Ahava Stump Jump $25,000 
Ahava Sand Box $25,000 
Bimah Chairs (10) $25,000Reserved (8)
Prayer Shawl Holders (2) $25,000 
Stairwells (4) $25,000 
Coat Closet $25,000 
Exterior American Flagpole $25,000Reserved
Exterior Israeli Flagpole $25,000Reserved
Exterior Steps $25,000 
Staff Offices (TBD) $25,000 
Interior American Flagpole $18,000 
Interior Israeli Flagpole $18,000Reserved
Ahava Garden Bed (3) $18,000 
Kippah Box (3) $18,000Reserved (3)
Furnishings for Staff Offices (TBD) $18,000 
Ahava Mezuzahs (23) $18,000 
AA Mezuzahs (28) $18,000Reserved (3)

*Lobbies A, B, and C are only available if Complete Lobby is not named; 2 lobbies may be combined for a gift of $450,000

Every donor’s name will be placed on the recognition wall.