Ritual Opportunities


Some of the hardest working people in Shul business, the Gabbaim, are those precious, mission driven, and determined souls who work tirelessly throughout our prayer experience to help distribute honors to all of us sitting in the pews, to increase participation and to keep the experience moving. A crucial part of our davening (prayer) service, the Gabbaim are a small but dedicated group of individuals (both men and women) who make it all happen and who help our Rabbis, Cantorial Soloist and leadership look good. Join their distinguished ranks by reaching out to our ritual director, Jordan Forman, at jforman@aasynagogue.org.


Everyone who walks through our doors on Shabbat and Holidays is greeted with a warm welcome. This is made possible by our devoted members who are part of our greeter team. Being a greeter is an easy and fun way to connect with other congregants, meet new people and become an integral part of the synagogue. If you can smile and say “Shabbat Shalom” then you are a fully trained greeter. Greeters stay in the foyer in front of Ellman Chapel for approximately one hour on Shabbat and Holidays and take one-hour shifts on the High Holidays. To join the greeter team contact Mildred or Marty Kwatinetz at zaydekw@comcast.net or 404.812.1734.


Every day of the week, our minyan opens the spiritual heart of Ahavath Achim, one of few Atlanta synagogues that offer a minyan twice a day. Both congregants and community members are invited to join the services for prayer and fellowship as well as to observe Yahrzeit on the anniversary of the death of a loved one. The daily minyanim at AA continue a rich tradition going back over 100 years. They allow us to greet each morning with gratitude for our well-being and to renew our spirit and energy for the day ahead. Each evening we close our day with prayer and camaraderie, an opportunity to reflect on our efforts, accomplishments and aspirations. Morning minyan runs approximately 45 – 60 minutes, and evening minyan runs approximately 30 minutes.

Morning Minyan
Sunday: 8:30 am
Monday – Friday: 7:15 am

Evening Minyan
Sunday – Thursday: 5:30 pm (from the first Sunday after daylight savings ends until second Sunday of February)
Sunday – Thursday: 6:00 pm (from the second Sunday of February until the end of daylight savings)

Shabbat Services
Friday: 6:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am

P’sukei D’zimrah Committee

Are you up early on Shabbat Morning? Do you love to sing? Then come and be a part of the P’sukei D’zimrah Squad. Each morning, our prayer service starts with a warm up of psalms and other traditional liturgical selections as a way of opening our minds and hearts to prayer. Led by a cadre of prayer enthusiasts, there is always a spot for you to learn how to lead this opening morning-prayer service and to lead our congregation in song and devotion. Good singing voices are not a requirement – only an enthusiastic soul and willingness to learn and to offer ones heart before God. To find out more about how to learn the service and join the squad, contact Jordan Forman, Ritual Director, at jforman@aasynagogue.org.

Torah and Haftara Readers

At the center of our worship experience, the Torah and Haftara readings are our congregation’s chance to hear God’s word spoken in the ancient traditional cantillation (Troup). The readings of Torah and Haftara (weekly selections from the prophetic liturgy) have their roots in ancient Israel going back all the way to Temple times. Learn how to read, chant and be a part of this most holy experience. For more details, contact our Jordan Forman, Ritual Director, at jforman@aasynagogue.org.


The Shabbat usher is at the doorway of the service and directs congregants to specific seats if they are part of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah group, if they know they will have an Aliyah or if they need to find the restroom during the service. They also step forward to deal with any assistance that a member or guest may need such as a medical emergency, a mobility issue, a request for a large print Siddur, or a hearing-expanding device. The usher is on duty with a smile and Shabbat Shalom till the end of the service. To participate in being an usher or to find out more information, contact Mark Fleishman at markfleishman@aol.com.