In the darkest days of the year, most traditions have a practice of adding our own light to illuminate the darkness. While Judaism is no different, we take it a step further. Our rabbis charge us to participate in pirsumei nisa, publicizing the miracle of Chanukah, by shining the lights of the Chanukiah into the world. When the night is dark, we don't hold on to our light, but we share it with others. Below you'll find a list of our Chanukah events and festivities, some community resources, and information about our "Spread the Light" Initiative. Whether celebrating alone or with family, we hope we can help make your Chanukah special. From our AA family to yours, we wish you a light-filled Chanukah!

Chanukah Events

Help us make your Chanukah special by joining us at one of our events

Chanukah Resources

Links to helpful resources, a music playlist, and yummy recipes from our congregants

Spread the Light Initiative

Join us in spreading the light by supporting one of our kind-hearted initiatives