Rabbi Goodman's MaNishma

Commentary on the Weekly Shabbat Sidra (Torah Portion)

Rabbi Arnold M. Goodman served as the Senior Rabbi of the Ahavath Achim Synagogue from 1982-2002 and is now its Senior Rabbinic Scholar. He now resides in Jerusalem, where he continues to study and to write. Upon his retirement, the Synagogue honored him and his wife, Rae Goodman z”l, by designating its adult education program as Beit Aharon: The Rabbi Arnold and Rae Goodman Learning Institute for adult studies.

Ma Nishma From Jerusalem – A Weekly Touch of Torah is a collection of many Ma Nishma interpretations. For Information on obtaining a copy, please visit arnoldgoodman.com.  It is also available at Amazon.com as an ebook.

MaNishma from 2020

Tzav Shabbat HaGadol 5780

TZAV SHABBAT HAGADOL 5780 L’SHANA HAB’AH – THE COMING YEAR April 3, 2020 9 Nisan 5780 Pesach is a holiday of hope. Our enslaved Israelite ancestors despaired of a better

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Mishpatim 5780

MISHPATIM 5780 WHOSE OX HAS BEEN GORED February 19, 2020 Shevat 25, 5780 Can justice ever be truly blind? Is equality before the law truly achievable? Is it but a

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