Learning for Adults

The Rabbi Arnold and Rae Goodman Learning Institute

The Goodman Institute (est. 2002) makes it possible for every member of the Ahavath Achim community to travel his/her own path to Jewish learning. We offer a wide variety of programs (mostly free of charge) designed to serve the needs of beginning learners, advanced learners and everyone in between. Our scope includes the fundamental texts of Conservative Judaism, Jewish history, Zionism and Israel, religious beliefs, practices and rituals, Jewish philosophy, Hebrew language and all aspects of Jewish culture, including literature, music, art and drama.

We believe adult learning fosters a lifelong commitment to personal spiritual growth, expanding Jewish intellectual society, and passing Jewish literacy and learning from generation to generation. Ahavath Achim offers adult education opportunities throughout the year with regularly scheduled classes, special programming, guest speakers, and special events.

Talmud Class with Rabbi Sandler

Every Tuesday | 4 pm | Cavalier Room

Join Rabbi Sandler for this study group following Morning Minyan. For more information, contact Rabbi Neil Sandler (nsandler@aasynagogue.org; 404.603.5740).

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Talmud Class with Rabbi Rosenthal

Every Wednesday | 5 pm | Koplin Borochoff Library

Join Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal as we dive into the minds of our rabbis and the Rabbinic tradition. Explore the central text (the Talmud) of our Jewish life as we learn the basic structure of this amazing and impactful spiritual book. This year we will be exploring the Talmud Tractate Megillah, Chapter 3. No previous experience with Talmud is necessary. For more information, contact Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal (lrosenthal@aasynagogue.org; 404.603.5744).

This class is currently on hiatus.

Tuesdays at AA

Every Tuesday | 10 am – 12 pm | Fishman Conference Room

Join the Rabbis and fellow congregants for an educational experience about current events and the Bible.

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Torah Study

Every Saturday | 10 – 11 am | Cavalier Room

AA is committed to providing a community of adult Jewish learning. We believe adult learning fosters a lifelong commitment to personal spiritual growth, expanding Jewish intellectual society, passing Jewish literacy, and learning from generation to generation. Torah Study sessions are facilitated by congregant volunteers who lead lively discussions. For more information, contact Andy Zangwill (andrew.zangwill@physics.gatech.edu).

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Torah Study Schedule 5781

8/1/2020Va’etchannanSteve Chervin
8/8/2020EkevAndy Zangwill
8/15/2020Re’ehDavid Joffe
8/22/2020Shof’timJoe Citron
8/29/2020Ki TetzeRabbi Neil Sandler
9/5/2020Ki TavoPaul Feldman
9/12/20 – SelichotNitzavim and VayelechDavid Joffe
9/19/2020 – 1st Day Rosh HashanahJudy Marx
9/20/2020 – 2nd Day Rosh HashanahAndy Zangwill
9/26/20 – Shabbat ShuvahHa’azinuSteve Grossman
9/28/20 – Yom KippurSteve Chervin
10/3/2020 – 1st Day SukkotDoug Ander
10/10/2020 – Shemini AtzeretBrooke Rosenthal
10/17/2020BereisheetDoug Ander
10/24/2020NoahRabbi Laurence Rosenthal
10/31/2020Lech L’chaJudy Marx
11/7/2020VayeraPaul Feldman
11/14/2020Chayei SarahAndy Zangwill
11/21/2020ToledotLinda Lippitt
11/28/2020VayetzeArthur Povlot
12/5/2020VayishlachJudy Marx
12/12/20 – 3rd Day of ChanukahVayeshevJerry Greenberg
12/19/2020MikketzJoe Citron
12/26/2020VayiggashBrooke Rosenthal
1/2/2021VayechiLinda Lippitt
1/9/2021ShemotRabbi Neil Sandler
1/16/2021VaeraRabbi Sam Blustin
1/23/2021BoStan Cristol
1/30/2021BeshallahRabbi Laurence Rosenthal
2/6/2021YitroAndy Zangwill
2/13/21 – Shabbat SkekalimMishpatimArthur Povlot
2/20/21 – Shabbat ZachorTerumahJudy Marx
2/27/2021TetzavehStephen Nagler
3/6/21 – Shabbat ParahKi TissaStanley Cristol
3/13/21 – Shabbat HaChodeshVayakhel and Pekudei
3/20/2021VayikraJudy Marx
3/27/21 – Shabbat HagadolTzav
4/3/2021 – 7th Day Pesach
4/10/2021SheminiSonia Fishkin
4/17/2021Tazria and Metzora
4/24/2021Achrei Mot and KedoshimRabbi Sam Blustin
5/1/2021EmorJudy Marx
5/8/2021Behar and BehukkotaiAndy Zangwill
5/29/2021Beha’a lotchaRabbi Laurence Rosenthal
7/10/2021Mattot and Masei
7/17/21 – Shabbat ChazonDevarimAndy Zangwill
7/24/21 – Shabbat NachamuVaetchanan

Piedmont Study Group

Every Second Wednesday of the Month | 2:30 – 3:30 pm | The Piedmont at Buckhead – 650 Phipps Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

Learning and discussion with the Rabbis.

This class is currently on hiatus.

Lunch and Learn

Every Third Wednesday of the Month | 12 – 1 pm | Offices of Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk, and Perling – 1801 Peachtree Street NW #300, Atlanta, GA 30309

Join the rabbis for lunch and learning. To RSVP or pre-order lunch, contact Jill Rosner (jrosner@aasynagogue.org; 404.603.5741).

This class is currently on hiatus.

Hebrew with Jim Dricker

Every Wednesday | 7:30 – 9 pm

Join us every Wednesday for Biblical Hebrew Class, led by Hebrew instructor, Jim Dricker. In this class, we will cover all aspects of grammar and a well-rounded basic vocabulary. Students set the pace of the program, and we will proceed as fast or as slow as the majority of the class requests. We might take two years to complete… maybe more… perhaps less! The only prerequisite is the ability to sound out Hebrew words.

Required textbook: The First Hebrew Primer: The Adult Beginner’s Path to Biblical Hebrew, Third Edition by Simon, Resnikoff, and Motzkin (available on Amazon and other book sellers)

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