Religious School

Kesher@AA is the religious education initiative for children grades Pre-K – 6th grade. We use the Chai curriculum, which focuses on three areas: Torah, avodah, and g’milut chasadim.

  • Torah (traditional Jewish learning) is an ongoing dialogue between the text and its students. It is real in our daily lives and goes with us wherever we are. Developing the skills to study Torah is essential to integrating it into our lives.
  • Avodah (service) is the introspective work we do to find sacred connections to God, community, and self. Engaging in the work of avodah can bring order, beauty, meaning and insight to our lives and our community.
  • G’milut chasadim (acts of lovingkindness) is our way of being personally responsible for making the world a better and holier place.

Each week, we encourage our students to see past what they ‘think’ Judaism should be and try to create a Judaism that is truly theirs. This comes through enriching text study, authentic Jewish experiences, and engagement with Hebrew language.

Children who are a part of Kesher@AA are placed into age-appropriate Hebrew classes based on knowledge level. Each class is guided by a dynamic and passionate educator along with one madrich (teen counselor) as part of the group. Our madrichim serve as role models for continued Jewish learning and assist our educators in small group activities.


GAAn BAhava (3 – Pre-K) – AA Members$600
GAAn BAhava (3 – Pre-K) – Non-Members$700
Kesher (K – 1st Grade) – AA Members$1,100
Kesher (K – 1st Grade) – Non-Members$1,200
Kesher (2nd – 6th Grade) – AA Members$1,400
Kesher (2nd – 6th Grade) – Non-Members$1,500
TAAglit Atzmi (7th – 9th Grade) – AA Members$1,250
TAAglit Atzmi (7th – 9th Grade) – Non-Members$1,550
AAtid (10th – 12th Grade)$360
Madrichim and Madrichim in Training (MIT) (9th – 12th Grade)No Fee
Shabbat Sessions and Holiday Programming – Kesher Members$100
Shabbat Sessions and Holiday Programming – Non-Kesher Members$400
Chai Youth – USY and Kadima$300
Chai Youth – Machar$228