AAtid (Our Future) is a program for teens in 10th – 12th grade. It runs on a two-year rotation, each year with its own unique curriculum relating to the development and solidification of the participants’ Jewish identity. Each class will be based on primary sources from Biblical, Rabbinic, Medieval, and Contemporary texts. The goal for each student is to acknowledge their beliefs, and more importantly recognize where those beliefs originate. Our hope is that students will find insight in the Jewish wisdom that supplements each topic to help their own Jewish future.

This year’s class will focus on The Jew in Me. This curriculum looks to the “BIG” questions that are usually associated with Judaism, including “What is God?”, “Why should I pray?”, and “What kind of Jew do I want to be?” Students will look at thinkers ranging from the Rambam to Mordechai Kaplan and will see how the Jewish spiritual relationship evolved over the centuries. The goal of the course is to prepare students to enter the next stage of their Jewish spiritual lives as they enter adulthood.

Parents and families are invited to join us for the Shabbat morning and evening sessions.

2019 - 2020 Cirriculum

August 10: Is Anybody Out There: A Search for God
October 19: The Torah’s Place in History
December 13: Possibilities in Prayer
February 22: The Value of Pausing: How to Unplug
April 18: Denominational Differences
May 13: The Vanishing American Jew

For our Friday evening class on December 13 and May 13, we will gather at the rabbi’s home for Shabbat Dinner. We invite you to join us at 6:30 pm for services or at 7:45 pm for dinner.

For our Shabbat morning class on August 10 and April 18, we will join congregants and the rabbi for the Rabbi’s Tish at 12:30 pm in Srochi Auditorium. We invite you to join us for Shabbat service and Torah Study at 10:30 am.

For our Havdallah class on October 19 and February 22, we will partake in a Chai Youth event or ice cream social with the rabbi from 6 – 8 pm.

Tuition for AAtid is $360 for the year. For more information about the program and/or how to register, please contact the Youth and Family Programming Coordinator, Jackie Nix, at jnix@aasynagogue.org or 404.603.5743.