Ahavath Achim Refugee Initiative (AARI)

"Do not oppress the stranger, because you know the heart of the stranger for you were a stranger in Egypt" (Exodus 23:9). The Ahavath Achim Refugee Initiative (AARI) was created by AA congregants who identify with the Jewish people's historical experience as refugees from a variety of lands and as immigrants to the United States. Our mission is to recognize refugees in Atlanta who are innocent victims of war, famine, hate, or economic upheaval and offer them aid, through advocacy, education, and direct services. Current projects include volunteering in an ESL program for adults in Clarkston, as well as volunteering for the Georgia Coalition to Prevent Genocide. To volunteer, share ideas or for more information, contact Carol Glickman at GlickmanC@gptc.edu or Myrtle Lewin at AAGreening@gmail.com.